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Study Tips: Studying Smart

Organise your study time

  • Schedule fixed timings to study

  • Create a daily to-do list that is detailed E.g. List of chapters to revise, concepts to memorise, Home-Based Learning videos to watch

  • Keep it achievable! Accomplishing them helps keep you motivated!

When studying, avoid social media at all costs

  • Turning your attention to social media causes you to have to re-read whatever you read right before you got distracted

  • Doing this over and over again takes more time that’s needed to complete your work!

  • This is harder than it sounds, but choosing to NOT open your social media when tempted - repeatedly… builds your discipline and keeps you focused

Don't just work hard, work smart.

  • Know what’s tested and how things are tested in your exams

  • Revise exactly the way concepts would be tested

  • Focus on important/tested topics

  • Topics that are not tested but you’re interested in, leave it for post-exam/holidays

  • Practise active recalling

  • After making notes and reading through, move into active learning by asking questions and testing yourself!

  • Start with understanding the concept, then explain it without referring to anything!

  • If you're not able to answer it correctly, look back at the notes and see what you've missed out, then have a go at the question again!

  • Do this for the different concepts that you have and it will be stuck in your long-term memory!

  • Study by teaching

    • Write down / explain the concept and pretend you are teaching it to someone! This highlights to you what you do / do not understand

  • Review and look back at the source material, see what you've missed out, re-learn it and repeat this process until nothing is left out

  • Minimise confusing wordings or languages. Find YOUR WAY to phrase concepts

Keep your motivation up

  • Mindsets to keep and hold on to: “EVERY EFFORT COUNTS” “THIS REVISION IS GOING TO MATTER”

  • Have snacks ready for the week - treat yourself to a snack after each/some tasks on your to-do list through the day! You get to decide the frequency! (There are snacks found in your study pack!)

  • When you are feeling unmotivated, remind yourself of the results and rewards that would come, and the undesired outcomes too

  • Write down your specific goals for each subject/module for your upcoming test/exam and paste it somewhere visible during your revision


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