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Take a screenshot of the QR code below, and you can import it into your PayNow or PayLah! app.

Internet Banking



Step 1: Login to your bank’s internet banking website/app and select “Pay Bills”.

Step 2: Select “Billing Organisation”.

Under Billing Organisation, search for “Victory Family Centre” and select it. Select Next.

Step 3: Under Unique Entity Number (UEN), enter the respective UEN number

Tithes & Offerings: 197802910WGF1 


Step 4: Enter “GF” as the bill reference and the amount you wish to give. Select either immediate or future transfer.

Step 5: Select Next, review your transaction and select Submit.


Other Banks
Login to your bank’s internet banking website/app and add Victory Family Centre as a funds transfer payee. Fill in the following details:

Bank: United Overseas Bank
Account Name: Victory Family Centre or VFC
Account Number: 450-309-722-7
Bank Code: 7375 | Branch Code: 001
Comments/Reference: “GF”

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