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We’re back! For the first time since 2019, youth camp is finally back and outta SG. This year, we’re taking a 251 kilometre road trip all the way to Malacca, where the sun is hotter, the games are dirtier,

and camp is so much crazier! For the reasonable price of two hundred and fifty dollars,

you’ll not only get a round trip

on a premium, super

comfortable coach, but

you’ll also get 4 days of

great food and

accommodation at a totally

cool, really premium resort.

What a steal! Don’t put it off, sign up today and we’ll see you in Malacca!



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Ben is the Youth Pastor at Daybreak Church in San Diego, California. He is passionate about the next generation finding the hope and healing of Jesus!

Ben leads a movement of young people reaching their peers with the Gospel on school campuses, and his heart is to inspire young people to chase after God with everything.

How am I going to get to Bayou Lagoon Resort Park on 13 June?
You’ll be charted on a private bus from Victory Family Centre Toa Payoh through to Tuas Checkpoint and to the resort directly. Bus captains will be appointed to keep a lookout for you throughout the entire journey, and to safe keep some of your important documents as well. 

What time would I get back to Singapore on 16 June?
The buses would be leaving Bayou Lagoon Resort Park on 16 June between 11am - 1pm. Depending on what traffic looks like, the entire journey back would take between 4 - 6 hours. 

Will all my meals be provided, and will I need to bring some extra cash? 
All your meals will be provided for the entire duration of the camp from Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon. However, the buses to Malacca and back to Singapore might stop by at rest points where you might want to buy some snacks or water for the journey. 

Who can my parents or guardians contact in case of an emergency? 
Lavette Chua, the Corporate Youth Coordinator (+65 91910891). Or any of their Regional Youth Ministers or Regional Pastors. 

What's happening at camp?!
we hear you! Here's a rough schedule for you guys. 


Can I explore other parts of Malacca while at camp?
Your safety is our top priority at camp! So, for the safety of every camper, the entire camp would take place within the premise of the resort, and campers would not be allowed out of the resort for any personal leisure activities. Security teams would be rostered all over the resort and throughout the duration of camp as well, to ensure that campers remain in the resort at all times, and are kept safe.

What will the rooms look like and can I switch rooms to be with my friends?
In order to keep you safe at all times, you would not be allowed to switch rooms during camp. Every room would accommodate between 4 - 6 people of the same gender, and will also have an assigned older youth leader as the room IC to ensure that everyone is safe and rested! In your registration form, you would have been given the option to indicate your rooming preferences which we would do our best to accommodate! 

Will there be adults and older youth at camp who are keeping me safe?
Definitely! Youth Ministers, older leaders and full-time youth staff will all be present to help support you in any emergencies or situations you might need help in. Your parents and guardians will also be able to contact any of the Regional Youth Ministers or Regional Pastors should they need to get in touch with you for any emergencies. 

Would I be able to switch camp groups halfway?
You would have to stick to your assigned groups throughout the whole camp, and would not be allowed to switch groups halfway. It is important that all campers are kept safe, and have assigned older leaders looking out for your safety and wellbeing.

Can I go home or leave camp earlier?
For the safety of everyone at camp, all campers are strongly discouraged from making arrangements to leave earlier than the stipulated ending time. However, should you have a pre-arranged plan which requires you to leave before 16 June, do inform your ARML or Youth Minister as soon as possible as your parents or guardians would be required to sign a release form and inform us on your pickup arrangements. 



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