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How To Build Community

The community in church is one aspect of God. It teaches us and our members that God can be a friend to us. Youths are also seeking for a group of people they can belong to. As leaders, it is our job to create a safe place where they can be themselves and grow to become more like Christ.

Why Community?

  1. Community is created by God

    1. Gen 2:18 - It is not good for the man to be alone.

    2. God made us to live in community with Him and each other, not in isolation.

  2. Community is where growth happens

    1. Acts 2:46-47 - They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity — all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.

    2. We grow when we encounter God, share with one another, and grow daily.

  3. Community helps you to fight your battles

    1. Ecc 4:12 - A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

    2. This is where equipping and training happens, where we learn who we are fighting against and the victory that is in God.

3 Steps To Building Community

Step 1: Common Goal, Common Enemy

Every time we meet together: are we taking steps toward that goal, and getting better at defeating the enemy?

Set and Guard Culture through language:

  • What are you and the community constantly speaking into the atmosphere?

  • What are you allowing or NOT allowing in your conversations?

  • SPEAK LIFE into your members

  • Example of phrases that can be used:

    • “Let’s create a moment we can celebrate together”

    • “We don’t have to meet, we get to meet”

    • “A moment coming together in God’s presence can change everything!”

    • “Every time we show up, it COUNTS!”

Celebrate Victories! 🎉 (Both BIG and small wins!)

  • If one wins we all win - we’re on the same side!

  • What are ways we can encourage progress?

  • Practically: pizza parties, ice cream treats etc.

Step 2: Create Shared Experiences

A community is made up of a group of individual relationships, so we shouldn't just create experiences just for groups, but individually too. It is important not just to do it during Connect Group (CG) but during the week too!

As a group:

  • Play games together as a CG E.g Exploding Kittens, the Singaporean Dream, Unstable Unicorn, Catan, Soccer, Basketball

  • Netflix party together (if everyone in the CG has) Note: Be careful of what you are streaming to your CG

On the Individual level:

  • Connection Calls/Texts

    • Call your members during the week to check up on them

    • Don’t just ask them how they are but normalise talking about harsh things. What is that something they don't share with anyone else (of course, this comes with trust built with time!)

    • Look at Deep Conversation Starters

Step 3: Create a Sense of Ownership

Responsibilities give people a sense of ownership

Give your members opportunities to grow:

“When you delegate tasks, you create followers, but when you delegate authority, you create leaders.” - Pastor Craig Groeschel

Break down your CG Outreach and give each member an aspect to be in charge of:

  • Member 1 - Food

  • Member 2 - Games

  • Member 3 - Decor

Repeat the cycle!

Get those who you’ve trained to train someone else

For example, If your member is good at calligraphy, get them to design your CG Outreach graphics.

Then, they can teach the skill to other members!

Building the community takes time and effort. Don't be hard on yourself if you do not see immediate results. Press in. THIS IS US.


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