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Frequently asked questions

What is Next Step?
Next Step is a resource meant to help answer some questions you may have about God and what having a relationship with Him means. Some of the topics include talking about: What just happened, the basics you need to know, and what you can expect next.


Why should I go through Next Step?
Next Step will help solidify the truths you’ve come to believe when you accepted Jesus into your heart.


Must I be a Christian to start Next Step?
We would encourage going through Next Step after you have made a decision to accept Jesus into your heart. However, if you’re keen to learn more before making a decision, our leaders will be glad to take you through it!


What must I do to prepare for Next Step?
Just come with an open heart and mind! We’ll walk through the process with you, and all you need is accessible online! 

Is Next Step compulsory?
We encourage everyone to go through the Next Step to start knowing more about God with the right basics! 


How long is Next Step? 
The Next Step encompasses six short sessions.

What is after Next Step? 
After Next Step, we encourage everyone to join Next Step Encounter, a two-day retreat to learn to worship and relate in a deeper and more personal way with God. You can find details of the upcoming Encounter here.

Will there be someone to guide me in my walk with God after Next Step? 
Absolutely. After Next Step, an older believer will mentor you through Bible lessons so that you grow steadily in your knowledge and relationship with God. Our church, Victory Family Centre, also offers Bible classes for different topics and levels. 

Who will be doing the Next Step with me?
Let us know if you are interested to start the Next Step by filling the form here, and one of our leaders will contact you to start! 

Why is it called the Next Step?
This is the most basic step to take right after receiving Jesus into your heart!


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