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1. What exactly just happened? 

You’ve just made the decision of a lifetime. Why does it matter?


God started everything in this world in a moment, and He also designed you with a specific purpose in mind (Jer 29:11). He made you to have a loving relationship with Him as your Father, and to have healthy relationships with the people around you. 

We almost missed out

We all mess up in life, and when we reject or go against God’s purposes for us, we step into sin (Rom 3:23). Sin separates us from knowing God’s heart and from accessing His presence. Worse still, sin robs us from an eternity with God, so that life is hopeless here on Earth and beyond. 

Jesus Made A Way

That’s why it’s so amazing that Jesus came. Only Someone who had never sinned despite having the chance to, could be a good enough substitute for our punishment. Jesus Christ came as a man, and died on the cross in our place (John 14:6). When we put our trust in Jesus, God applies what Jesus did on the cross on our lives, and forgives us! 

Your life can change today

Your decision to believe Jesus literally changes your destiny. We simply need to believe in Jesus and receive Him into our hearts to gain this forgiveness and new life (John 1:12)! If you have not accepted Him yet, now is the right time to do so! 


  • Is it hard to believe someone would take your place to be punished?

  • What would believing in Jesus mean for your life now?

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